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Who We Are & What We Do

Adroit College offers Korean language and culture classes for adults. The Silicon Valley Campus opened in 2006. A new Dallas Texas campus opens in 2022.

Learn Korean through Immersion

Korean is one of the hardest languages to learn for native English speakers. A full-emersion experience is the simplest and easiest way to learn Korean.

All Adroit College classes are conducted strictly in Korean.

Small Class Size Improves the Learning Experience

Small class size makes it possible for an instructor to give individual attention as needed.


Students have more opportunities to participate actively and to learn from each other.

Convenient for Working Professionals

Classes are scheduled only in the evenings to accommodate working professions.

 Interactive Learning

The college founder has developed software and mnemonic exercises (memory retention) to make learning the Korean alphabet fun and easy.


In the first class, most students learn to read and write Korean, know the days of the week, and gain a basic command of Native-Korean and Sino-Korean number systems.

Never Miss A Class

A student that cannot attend a class in person can join the class remotely.


If a student has a scheduling conflict, the instructor will email a video of the class with the class notes and materials to help the student to catch up.

Sing in Korean, Visit Korea with the Adroit College Ensemble

The Adroit College Ensemble is made up of non-native Korean students that sing Korean songs in Korean. This is a great opportunity to improve your Korean. The ensemble has visited Korea numerous times. You can have this memorable experience too.

Dedicated Instructors

Instructors pace classes according to student learning curves. We understand that students learn best in a responsive teaching environment. 


Adroit College instructors have many years of experience teaching Korean to students of all ages. Some have advanced degrees in education.

Enjoy Korean Cultural Events Like a Korean

Experiencing Korean cultural activities helps to understand the language. Adroit College invites students (and their family and friends) to participate in Korean cultural events throughout the year.


Join us for 설날 the lunar New Year day, 추석 Korean Thanksgiving, 김치 만들기 kimchi making, 한복 입기 wearing Hanbok, field trips to Korean restaurants and markets.

Meet the Teachers

Dr. Eun Hee Koo
Founder & President
Director of Silicon Valley Campus

Korean Literature and Culture

Writes Korean Songs

Education Guru

Hyewon Jeon
Director of Dallas Campus

Korean Certified Language Instructor

Korean History and Art History

Information Science

Chaeseon Yi

Korean Language Instructor

Expert in Special Needs Education

Seola Lee

 Korean Language Instructor



On Air: [Heart to Heart] on Arirang TV

Adroit College founder Dr. Koo and Adroit College Ensemble were aired on Arirang TV (a South Korean English-language network aiming at on overseas audience).

Adroit College Ensemble

Adroit College Ensemble members are non-Koreans that sing only in Korean. The ensemble was found in 2013 to make learning Korean a lot more fun. The ensemble has performed in the Korean cities of Chungju, Pusan, Hapchun, and Jeju-do as well as in the United States.


Singing is an excellent way of learning a foreign language. If you want to join the ensemble, please "Contact" us. 

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